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Online advertising involves the delivery of advertorial contents to Internet/online users via web, e-mail, ad-supported software and Internet-enabled smartphones. This mode of advertising differs majorly from terrestrial or offline advertising in that its reach is not limited by space or time – everyone across the world with access to the internet could be a recipient. Apart from its expansive reach, online advertising has become increasingly important to business owners and service providers across the world because in comparison to offline advertising; it is cheaper and more cost-efficient, it offers measurability (the advertisers ability to keep empirical data of the reach and impact of the campaigns) and delivers an unmatched  speed of dissemination…

API 2018

Ibraheem Babalola MusterNG, Obinna Okwodu Fibre.NG, Cairon Clarke PlotPeerNG. What do these three have in common? Youth, Innovation and passion for the African Property Market. Its a priviledge to be leading them in conversation as we dimension the role of technology in opening up alternating fundraising channels for African Real Estate. hashtagproptech hashtagafricaRE, hashtagrealestate hashtagleadership hashtagfundraising hashtaginternationalrealestate